Most blocks in our editor are fully customizable. Therefore, you can enrich the look of your blocks by adding additional elements to them — for example, icons, dividers, lists, etc.

Adding elements

1- To add an element, hover over the block and click on the "plus" sign where you'd like to place it:

Note: some of the blocks may not have a possibility to add the elements. In this case, we recommend you to choose another type of block in our gallery.

2- Choose the needed element from the pop-up menu:

Here you can see a full list of elements you can add:

  • text.
  • heading.
  • button/ two buttons,
  • image.
  • video.
  • gallery.
  • before/ after gallery.
  • image + card.
  • image hover.
  • icon.
  • image mask.
  • devices mockup.
  • numbers.
  • logo.
  • accordion.
  • countdown.
  • text rotator.
  • small icons list.
  • additional info.
  • contacts/ horizontal contacts.
  • embed code.
  • quote.
  • map.
  • apps buttons.
  • pricing list.
  • testimonials.
  • icons list.
  • icons list + description.
  • divider.
  • menu.
  • contact/ lead generation form.
  • social icons.
  • follow us.