Tabs are useful for organizing chunks of related information into a single block, thereby freeing space on a page. With this feature, you can structure the pictures in the gallery by the general topics, organize your company's products and services, and much more. 

tidma editor allows you to add a pre-made block with tabs or enable tabs mode in some of the existing blocks. 

Adding a block with tabs 

1- To add a block with tabs, open the blocks gallery, and choose the suitable block with tabs.

2- Hover over the content of the block and click on the "gear" to access the Collection settings. In the pop-up window navigate to the Modes tab and choose the type, quantity, or alignment of your tabs.

Enabling the tabs mode in the collection 

Some blocks in our gallery can contain a set of entirely interdependent elements, that are gathered in the collection. Each item in the collection keeps the same layout as others — if you delete an element from one item in the collection, it will be automatically deleted from every item. 

The collection blocks can be re-structured into the tabs. 

1- For that, hover over the collection item and click on the "gear" in the top right corner to access its settings.

2- In the pop-up window navigate to the Modes tab and enable the Tabs.

3- Here you can change the type, quantity, or alignment of your tabs, and also set the accent color.

Note: the maximum number of tabs is 8. The acceptable size of the icons in the tab name is 40x40 px. 

Managing tabs and their content 

1- To rename a tab, click on the tab name, highlight it, and add the needed one.

 Tip: you can switch between tabs just by clicking on the tab name. 

2- To move elements within one tab, hover over the element and drag it to the desired position.

Important: there is no possibility to automatically change the order of the tabs yet. 

Don't forget to publish your site for the changes to appear live.