You can add a specific field to the contact form that will force the visitor to enter the exact value. This feature can be useful for various purposes — for example, to create your own anti-spam, conduct basic polls, or even protect a page with the password.

Before you begin, note that:

  • contact forms are available for Pro sites.
  • The exact value can be added to the required fields in the form.
  • The feature is available for the text fields in the form. You can't add a specific value to the "I accept", "Check box" or "Hidden field".
  • The form won't be submitted if a specific value is entered incorrectly.

Follow the instructions below to add an exact value to a field in your contact form.

Adding an exact value to a field in the contact form

1- For that, hover over the contact form and click on the "gear":

2- In the pop-up window, hover over the field where you want to add an exact value and click on the "gear" next to it:

3- Make sure that you've toggled on the Make this field required option:

4- Enter the needed value in the Exact value field:

5- Publish your site for the changes to appear live.

6- Now, if the entered value isn't correct, the visitor will see a warning.

Remember that all requests are sent automatically to the CRM in your account.