Fonts provide both a practical and aesthetic function — the correct choice of color, font, and text size can prove to be vital for attracting your target audience.

On tidma, you can select a ready-made font set which already contains the settings for various text elements on the site, or customize these sets by changing the font for different headings, links, etc.

Choosing the font set

If you choose the built-in font set in the editor, various text types will automatically pick up a font from this set. For instance, the headings will maintain the same look on the site and you won't need to edit them each time you add a new block.

1- For that, click on the three dots on the toolbar of the site's editor and access the Site style tab :

2- Navigate to the Texts tab, flip through the font sets library, and choose a suitable one:

Selecting a font for a particular text type

You can set up a specific font for a particular text type on your site — for example, links, quotes, etc.

1- For that, access the Texts tab in the Site style, hover over the current site fonts and click Edit:

2- Here you will be able to modify the font for different types of texts. For that, hover over the needed text type and click on the "gear" to access the settings:

3- Choose a font family and adjust the font size, line height, and letter spacing. Click Done to save the changes:

Note: you can add an adjusted font set to your library to save all settings:

Don't forget to publish the site for the changes to appear live.